Our aim

Downstage Youth Theatre is a youth theatre designed for anyone in school years 6 to 13.

The youth theatre is designed for those interested in developing their drama skills in order to gain confidence within the subject. Our aim is to create a drama community that works with each other in order to experience new and unique performances.

Drama can have a highly positive impact on young people. Not only can it boost their self-esteem, confidence and communication skills, that are transferable in the workplace, it also encourages excellent social skills, and can have a positive and beneficial impact on mental health.

Workshop one for school years 6 to 9, will introduce basic Drama elements that are not only about creating enjoyment of the topic, but also geared towards preparing students for GCSE standard Drama.

Workshop two for school years 10 to 13, will develop those skills even further. The workshops will focus more on those who are looking to improve their GCSE and A-level skills, as well as performers who are interested in a career in the acting industry.

Ultimately the youth theatre is for the young people, for them to express themselves in a safe environment with their peers. To not feel judged and to let go of their inhibitions. The younger generation are increasingly under pressure to perform and behave in a certain way. They have expectations put upon them to achieve certain standards, and we want this youth theatre to be an outlet for them to be who they want to be without the pressure of the modern world.