Downstage Youth Theatre

My passion for Drama has always been there. From a very early age I loved to perform and entertain people.

One of the reasons I got into teaching was so I could have the chance to pass on my experience to others who had the same passion for performing that I do.
Creating Downstage Youth Theatre and having the chance to work with young people who love Drama, is a dream come true.

In any theatre company I believe in the importance of creating a community spirit, where everybody has the confidence to put their ideas forward and add different skills to the group.

As well as this they get to build their own self esteem and develop skills that are adaptable in all walks of life.

Most of all I want it to be an enjoyable experience for a bunch of people who, regardless of talent and experience, just enjoy creating and performing. This youth theatre is not just about imparting knowledge to budding young actors, but allowing them the freedom to create and inspire each other. The best performances I have seen within my time teaching has been those that start from something simple or mundane: a line of text, an everyday object or a song….and become something truly memorable.